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This is based on a true story.  When Alexander the Great went to India as part  of his expansionary mission, he was very  astonished to see  so many fragile looking bearded men without proper clothes (like the "NAAN KADAVUL" types) in a particular location.

He commissioned his men and gave them an order to bring any parathesi, they see in that street, to the palace with a view to "convert" that parathesi ; it would be a fun thing to "crop" his hair, to wear the English suit, and probably to teach him the English PROTOCOLS & MANNERISM.  It would definitely be amusing to see a "naan kadavul" personality in a modern outfit eating with a fork, knife and a spoon, as they imagined. Can you imagine that?  Haha.....

His men went straight to the street "to pick up" one.  To their surprise, there were hardly one to be seen.  So the search began and it brought them to the outer street where one parathesi was having his bath in the nearby river to cool himself from the scorching heat. 

"Hey, you? it's our King's order to bring you to the palace, understand?" said the local soldier.  The parathesi "couldn't give two hoots" to that soldier and continued with his bath. He would have thought "NEE YENNA PERIA PARUPPA?"

Embarrassed by that non-response, the soldier quickly took out his sword and pointed straight to the face of the parathesi and told, "You again, do you know what is the punishment if you disobey His Highness, Alexander the Great's command?"  He continued firmly, "You would be beheaded, understand?"

This time the parathesi responded with a smile, "Go and get your king to SEE ME HERE if he's so interested to see me." Seeing that he cannot convince him further, the soldier returned back to the palace and told what exactly the parathesi remarked to King Alexander, who became very furious upon hearing such. 

The King immediately rode his horse to the place of the parathesi.  Seeing the parathesi taking a nap at the river bank, this made the king's face even red....LOBSTER-RED!  He rudely shouted at the sleeping parathesi to wake up and face him.  "REPEAT WHAT DID YOU SAID TO MY SOLDIER.....I say NOW!!" with a thundering voice, befitting a king's command.

The parathesi replied back, "So, you are the king that your soldier is talking about!".  He continued, with a laugh, and said "I too wanted to see my head rolled to the ground, as much as you wanted to see, please behead me!......I'm waiting to see my head rolling on the ground too" he was seen begging the king, who has by this time taken out his sword.

It's a known fact that if King Alexander takes out his sword, it means, "sure potong".

Alexander the Great was speechless and stunned  with that remark.  How can a hero fight a man who has surrendered? The vagabond was standing right in front of the king waiting for his head to role to the ground.  And the king is just standing there motionless.

Finally, the king surprisingly bowed to the parathesi and returned back to the palace with full of regrets...wOw!

It is also said that when Alexander died, many years later, his hands were wide open to  signify his humbleness. The parathesi taught Alexander the Great to eat his own humble pie...kau...kau!!  The greater ones should not attack the weaker ones....that's not heroism.

Moral of the story?  Learn to take away our egos. This world would, then, be a better place to live!


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