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The story goes like this.  Lord SUN's wife is SANJANA. Originally they had two sons and a daughter, named VAIVASWAT MANU & later the twins named YAMA, a boy & YAMI, a girl.  Then came a day, Sanjana couldn't take the searing heat of the Sun. "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" she said, after leaving him.

Before she left her husband, she replaced/cloned herself with CHHAYA who looked exactly like her, and she became the cool shadow of Sanjana. Of course, Chhaya was able to withstand Sun's fiery ardour (passion) without getting nervous or blistered....wOw!

The union of Lord Sun & Chhaya resulted in the birth of another two sons & a daughter by the names, SATURN, SABARI MANU & daughter, TAPATI.

YAMA, suspected that Chhaya couldn't be his real mother because of the preferential treatment (pilih kasih) of her's compared to that of Sanjana's children.  He complained to his father, Lord Sun.

What happened then?  Seeing Sun getting angry, Chhaya spilled out the beans, finally admitting she's the clone of Sanjana....poor Chhaya..... She got chased-off.

Lord Sun, then, searched for Sanjana with his father-in-law, Lord VISHWAKARMA. And Lord Vishwakarma is also known as the Chief Engineer of the Gods.

Lord Sun went into deep meditation and finally realised that Sanjana was roaming in the meadows (fields) in the form of a mare (a female horse).  Wanting to take her back, Lord Sun took the form of a horse; managed to found her and they were united.  From the union, were born the twins, called the ASHWINS, who later became the Medicine Men & Surgeon of the Gods.

Sanjana complained to Lord Sun about her problem with the searing heat that she couldn't bear. Lord Sun agreed and they went to her father, Lord Vishwakarma, the chief engineer of the gods, and asked for a solution.

The Engineer God, Lord Vishwakarma, came out with an ENGINEERING SOLUTION......he took out a circular saw and shaved-off parts of his son-in-law, i.e. Lord Sun, thus, reducing some of his heat!

The pieces, which flew off the main body of LORD SUN, became the planets.....AMAZING!!!

Lord Saturn, being his child, had already found his place as a planet but was thrown at the farthest planet from the Sun. Being thrown at the furthest from Lord Sun & the fact that his mother being chased-off earlier, Lord Saturn was very angry and later, became the SWORN ENEMY of Lord Sun.

In Vedic Astrology, there are friendships and enemies between the planets, the bitterest enemy is between the FATHER & THE SON, i.e. LORD SUN & LORD SATURN.

It is also said in Vedic Astrology that Saturn MATURES at 36 years of age.  That is why, when someone has got his Saturn placed in the angular houses i.e. the 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th Houses, or known as the KENDRA Houses in his astrological NATAL CHART, his quality of life would only be BETTER after he reached 36 years onwards.  In other words, it can also mean that the son, being matured, can understand his father better after reaching 36 years....some say after 40 years too.

Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer


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