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When SANI transits (Sani Payartchi) to it's 4th House from one's MOON sign, this period is known as "ARTHA-ASTHAMA SANI".  It can make one to leave away from his/her place of stay. Are you going through this Artha-Asthama Sani period?
Many great Kings have lived in exile during this period.  LORD RAMA went to the forest in his Artha-Asthama Sani period. This story is about KING NALLA's experience in his Artha-Asthama Sani period.
It is said that King Nalla lost his entire kingdom in a game of DICE to his brother, and left to the forest along with his beautiful wife, DAMAYANTHI.
With so much of humiliation, he decided to desert his wife in the forest.  Nalla ran away from the forest.  He saw a snake in the pit and tried to rescue it.  Unfortunately, he got bitten by the snake he tried to help.  The poison of the snake turned Nalla into a dwarf and an ugly man.  A handsome prince transformed into an ugly dwarf.......poor Nalla......kena KAW-KAW!!
The snake, then, guided him to KING RITUPARNA of AYODHYA. (For your information, King Nalla was an expert COOK & an expert HORSE-RACER too).  King Rituparna decided to keep Nalla, the ugly dwarf, as his personal cook and personal charioteer.
Meanwhile, Damayanthi's father who is also the KING of VIDHARBHA managed to rescue his beloved daughter and took her back to Vidharbha.
It is also at this time, the whole town of Vidharbha knew of that amazing cook in Ayodhya who could cook amazingly well. King Rituparna was lucky enough to have such a great cook, right?
Damayanthi suspected that cook could be her husband, but then, she need to see him to confirm.  How, then?
She decided to have a second SWAYAMVARAM CEREMONY.  (Swayamvaram is a custom wherein the princess could choose her husband.)
She send out an invitation to all the eligible bachelor kings.  The catch is - the invitation gives only ONE DAY NOTICE to attend the ceremony.  Even the nearest kingdom, Ayodhya is 1,000 km from Vidharbha. 
She knew very well, there could only be one person doing such a marathon feat, that is her husband, Nalla.
King Rituparna wanted to participate the Swayamvaram ceremony too.  He could only rely on Nalla, the dwarf.  Upon hearing from King Rituparna, Nalla felt very jealous about his wife organising the Swayamvaram.  He too wanted to check it out, and so they succeeded travelling to Vidharbha in such a thundering speed.......wOw! 
When both of them reached Vidharbha, surprisingly, there were no festivities at sight.  Somehow, Damayanthi could recognise the dwarf Nalla as her husband.  Suddenly, to his surprise, she asked him WHY he had deserted her.  
Nalla had got no choice but to reveal everything to her......his Artha-Asthama Sani experiences, snake-bites, his dwarf looks, etc. 
On the advise of LORD NAARADA, he undertake a pilgrimage and finally reached THIRUNALLAR.  As soon as he bathed in the temple tank, he was RELEASED FROM THE CLUTCHES OF ARTHA-ASTHAMA SANI.  With this, the SNAKE POISON comes out from Nalla's body, and Nalla became the handsome looking prince again and regaining his kigdom too.
King Nalla requested SANI to rule as ANUGRAHAMURTHY and Sani obligingly stayed back at the temple, PROMISING NOT TO TOUCH ANYONE WHO MENTIONS THE WORD "NALLA-DAMAYANTHI".  That is why there is a sanctum for LORD SANI at the THIRUNALLAR TEMPLE. 
It is also believed that whoever does through his/her "7 & HALF YEARS SANI", it would be a good idea to go to the Sani temple in THIRUNALLAR.
Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer


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