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SIDDHAR BOGHAR, one among the 18 Tamil Siddhars, received his initiations from the illustrious Natha Yogi, Kalangi.

Contemplative insight allegedly guided Bogar to construct a primitive form of aircraft that he used in a journey to CHINA. He is also credited with inventing a sea-going craft using a stream engine, preparing an indestructible STATUE of the god, MURUGA, using nine poisonous herbs and minerals and making a major contribution to the siddhar medicine system which boasts possession of fabulous remedies that heal presently incurable diseases and make possible an extreme longevity. This are clearly documented in Boghar's SAPTAKANDA.

A popular legend describes how Boghar made several missionary excursions into China. A master of astral projection and soul transmigration, Boghar ENTERED the body of a recently deceased Chinese youth, REVIVED it and grew to become the Chinese sage, LAO TZU, author of the TAO TE CHING and founder of TAOISM.

Taoism has a rich alchemical faction devoted to physical longevity that lends credit to this bizarre tale. The TAO TE CHING embodies the same esoteric style that haunts the obscure language of the Tamil siddhars.  Any student of Taoist Yoga is shocked by the similarity of its techniques to those of the Tamil siddhars.

Initially, it could not be accepted of the possibility that BOGHAR WAS INDEED LAO TZU.  Finally, a pilgrimage guide book written in English, described Palani's Hill temple to Lord Muruga and contained a brief monograph on Boghar identifying him as the Chinese sage, Lao Tzu.

Boghar's monumental work of 7000 verses has recently been edited in Tamil by one of the great living apostles of this tradition, Yogi S.A. Ramaiah of Madras.

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