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CHITRAI is one of the few nakshatras which are represented by a single star.  And that star is known as SPICA (ALPHA-VIRGINIS).  It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky with a visual magnitude of 1.06.

Ancient Vedic seers saw this nakshatra as the "RESIDENCE of VISHWAKARMA (or Tvastar), the divine architect.

TVASTAR, the celestial architect, is the main ruling deity of this nakshatra.  He is usually referred as VISHWAKARMA too.  He is said to be adept in MAYA, the illusory force which keeps alive the drama of life.  Vishwakarma, uses his knowledge of Maya to create, mutate and fashion new forms out of the pre-existing ones, an act which seems like magic to others.  His workings are often done in secret and shroud of mystery surrounds him.

To understand his mysterious aspect better, we have to take our present day example, "most of us are completely unaware how normal soil containing silicon is transformed into a computer, a device which has the ability to do all these magic-like functions".

In the same way, most of us do not have the clue as to how Vishwakarma creates magnificent structures using the most basic elements.  That is why none can surpass Chitrai as far as arts, crafts, design, architecture, and beauty are concerned.

Vishwakarma, even though he is friendly to the gods, has no particular allegiance to anyone.  He creates all LOKAS (planes of existence) for all (human, godly, serpent,e.t.c.).  It is Vishwakarma who fashions thunderbolts for INDRA, the king of heavenly hosts.  But his twin brother, TRISHIRAS (three-headed) is a demon and an enemy of Indra.  This duality finds expression through Chitrai, a nakshatra which is very ambiguous and thus hard to classify in any fixed category of good, evil, crooked or saintly.

Therefore, the essence of Chitrai can be summarized in the phrase "CREATE, CREATE, & CREATE".

Chitrai belongs to the Farmer's class.  Even Vishwakarma, the devine architect, is in a way nothing but a "producer", in keeping the wishes of the gods, or whosoever he is working for, at any given point in time.  The ancient vedic seers obviously regarded creating and producing things, especially on a material plane, as a working class activity.

In modern times, sculptures and architects are elevated to lofty positions in society, but in essence, they still remain puppets in the hands of those who finance them.

It is related primarily to the range or arc that goes from South-East, to South, to West.

It is a Female & PITTA (fiery) nakshatra.

FOREHEAD & NECK are the body parts related to this nakshatra.
The 1st paagam of Chitrai indicates strong abilities to keep secrets;

The 2nd paagam of Chitrai indicates a very disciplined paagam which likes to conclude whatever it begins;

The 3rd paagam of Chitrai indicates a very self-centric & the focus on relationships; &

The 4th paagam of Chitrai relates to the magical & mysterious side of Chitrai.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of CHITRAI you belong to?  Every paagam comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference.

Worship of feminine deities who ride on tigers like DURGA is the best way of getting the best of Chitrai.

According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Chitrai are found wearing bright clothes and garlands, with beautiful eyes and bodies.

MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITIES OF CHITRAI :- ANNA NICOLE SMITH, the famous model who inherited a fortune from her 90 year old billionaire husband, has her Moon placed in Chitrai.  Her huge body is very representative of Chitrai's love of large, well built and proportionate structures.

Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer


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