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JYESTHA / KETTAI , consists of three stars in a row known in modern astronomy as ALPHA-SCORPIONIS, SIGMA-SCORPIONIS & TAU-SCORPIONIS. Alpha-Scorpionis is the brightest among these stars with a visual magnitude of 1.07.

Jyestha / Kettai translates simply into the "Eldest" or "Senior-most" because it is the senior-most among the 18 nakshatras.

Its main symbol is a "Round Talisman".  In all ancient civilizations and legends, one can see a round talisman as a symbol of divine protection or of an authoritarian position.  One can automatically infer that this nakshatra relates to all those in authority positions, like the police.

An "umbrella" is an alternative symbol of this nakshatra. The basic function of an umbrella is to protect one from rain, sun or wind, i.e. nature's forces. In the same way, this nakshatra is supposed to provide protection against the universal forces. This is the reason why all kings and queens in olden days never went out without an umbrella on top of their head. In fact, it is a practice till to-date.

This protection usually comes about through a detailed understanding of the occult knowledge of Universal functions.  That's why politicians and the ruling class of today do take the aid of occult practices in secret to protect their power and position.  Our own Mona Fandey's case reminds us as to what extreme extend do politicians take to protect their power and position.

INDRAN, is the main deity governing deity of this nakshatra.  Around 5,000 years ago, Indran was the most worshiped among all the deities. The Vedas are full of remarks about him. Coincidentally, the Greeks also worship a thunder god known as "THOR",  This thunder god was supposed to wield a thunder bolt in much the same way as Indran, who is always portrayed with a thunder bolt in his hand. 

Indran was also regarded as the rain god in most of the ancient cultures. And rain is very important to agriculture, and when rainfall is irregular, it can destroy agriculture. With the invention of new technologies, the dependence of agriculture on rain diminished and so did the worship of Indran.

KRISHNA can be said to be the 1st one who turned the common people away from the worship of Indran. He encouraged them to establish direct communication with forces of nature instead.

One peculiarity of Jyestha / Kettai is that it gives prosperity only though some occult, supernatural or extraordinary means.  This arises from the fact that Indran always gets his position and power through penance and other occult activities. He even got his thunderbolt through the occult propitiation of a sage named Dadhichi.

Its female nakshatra. Jyeshta / Kettai is often portrayed as the eldest and senior-most queen. Even Indran as a character seems to have predominantly feminine attributes and attitudes.  The old, seasoned, jealous, stern stereotyped queen fits Jyeshta /Kettai like a glove.

The neck & right side of the torso are the body parts related to this nakshatra.  It is related primarily to north and south directions.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Jyeshta / Kettai gives "an angry disposition, few friends, lustfulness, contentment and a sense of responsibility".

The 1st paagam of Jyeshta / Kettai refers to family concerns and interests ;

The 2nd paagam of Jyeshta / Kettai refers to rigidness in regards to responsibility and doing the right things ;

The 3rd paagam of Jyeshta / Kettai refers to society-protector ;

The 4th paagam of Jyeshta / Kettai refers to emotions, indulgence in fantasy & intoxication.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of Jyestha / Kettai   you belong ?

Every Jyeshta / Kettai paagam comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference.

MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITIES OF JYESHTA / KETTAI :- J. KRISHNAMURTHI, the celebrated philosopher, has his Moon sign placed in this Nakshatra.

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  1. Why Jesta persons always having fear..& Confusion ,..
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    1. because of our own thoughts. just take a look of your thought the sure you come to know clearly.

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