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PURVASHADHA / PURAADHAM is represented by three bright stars in the middle portion of Sagittarius. Epsilon-Sagitarri with a visual magnitude of 1.81 is the brightest among the 3 stars.

Ancient vedic seers saw these stars as forming the shape of a HAND HELD FAN. The alternative name for Purvashadha is "APARAJITA", which traslates into "UNDEFEATED".  Its showy, glitzy, glamorous,and a very expressive nakshatra.

An obscure goddess by the name "APAH" is the ruling deity of this nakshatra.  "Apah" translates into WATER.  Therefore Apah can be equated with the ocean goddess. For your information, "VARUNA" is the male ocean deity. Both Apah & Varuna are part reflections of LAXMI, the universal goddess of prosperity. And Laxmi is the spouse of VISHNU, the overseer of the celestial waters which sustain our universe. The image of Vishnu & Laxmi sitting on a snake bed on top of the ocean of celestial waters is an image related to this nakshatra.

The "churning of the ocean legend" signifies the productive potential of Apah as a goddess. Her flambouyance, enticing, invincible approaches reflects the nature and functionings of this nakshatra. Apah, though benevolent, can be cruel and harsh is her ways, which can be seen as a trait of Purvashadha / Puraadham's nakshatra.

Purvashadha nakshatra borns have unrealistic hopes, ambitious and goals unless there are balancing factors in the horoscope. ADOLF HITLER, who has a Moon placed in Purvashadha, started a war with unrealistic aims way beyond the power of his army and resources. Purvashadha has a straight forward driving force, "just do it" type of energy, like Nike's tagline.  wOw! Purvashadha & Nike....what a comparison.

Purvashadha is related to the two brahmin planets i.e. Venus & Jupiter.  That's why they often talk about good values and at the same time have a luxury existence.

Its a female nakshatra because of its relation to its ruling deity Apah, and the fact that Venus is seen as a predominantly feminine planet. Thighs, and Back (from neck to waist) are the body parts of this nakshatra. Its fiery too (pitta).  Its direction ranges from north-east to south-west, via east.

The "life giving waters" of Purvashadha is the "elixir" of life, the key to immortality sought after in the Alshemical mystery schools.  You can refer to the Bible or vedic texts to know better what exactly is  "life giving water" or the "elixir of life".  I personally have done some research about this & was shocked to find that truth......OMG!

For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial measure is to worship Goddess Laxmi.
According to Varahamihira, Moon in Purvashadha / Puraadham "makes one having a loving and a proud spouse while the native is of a proud disposition and steady in friendships".

The 1st paagam of Purvashadha / Puraadham relates to the proud and confident side of this nakshatra ;

The 2nd paagam of Purvashadha / Puraadham relates to the intellectual, alchemical aspect of this nakshatra ;

The 3rd paagam of Purvashadha / Puraadham relates to the easy-going, luxury loving side  ;

The 4th paagam of Purvashadha / Puraadham relates to the haughty, secretive, hidden and mysterious side.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of PURVASHADHA / PURAADHAM   you belong ?

Every paagam in Purvashadha / Puraadham comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference & the significance.

Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer


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