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DHANISHTA / AVITTAM is represented by 4 stars in the constellation known as "Delphini" (the Dolphin).  Beta Delphini with a visual magnitude of only 3.63 is the brightest, making Dhanishta / Avittam less bright compared to other nakshatras.

DHANISHTA / AVITTAM translates into - "The Wealthiest", which directly hints at the extremely lucky quality of this nakshatra.

All vedic seers agree on the fact that "a musical drum" is the main symbol of this nakshatra.  Tabla, Mridhangam, and Damaru are known as the musical drum, but Damaru stands out because Damaru is Lord Shiva's favourite drum. Some say its symbol is "a flute" too.

DHANISHTA / AVITTAM is presided by a group of 8 gods called the "Vasus" and their names are 1) Apah, 2) Dhruva, 3) Dhara, 4) Anila, 5) Soma, 6) Anala, 7) Pratyusha & 8) Prabhasa. These 8 Vasus are supposed to be wealthy and skilled in music. It means this nakshatra's mastery over the material plane and relates to the rhythm, musical functionings of the universal mind.  This is the reason why a lot of scholars are associated with this nakshatra, which in a way is understanding the rhythm of the universe.

LORD SHIVA is the ultimate presiding deity of this nakshatra. This can be understood from the fact about Shiva's immense musical abilities. Shiva, even while wreaking havoc and destruction, does so in a graceful and rhythmical dance known as THANDAVA DANCE, exemplified by his famous NATARAJA posture. It's a known fact, that the two of the main Indian classical dance systems directly originate from Lord Shiva.
In a way, this nakshatra can be seen as a bridge between VISHNU's & SHIVA's energy.  It can be related to half Vishnu & half Shiva form which can be still be found in some temples in India. Vishnu relates to its mastery of the material world, while Shiva relates to its musical aspect.

It belongs to the Farmer's class.  Although a wealthy and well endowed nakshatra, it falls in Saturn's sign of Capricorn & Aquarius, both planets belonging to the working class / masses. Its a female nakshatra because it is a feminine force which presides over all creative arts like music and dancing.

The body parts it relates to the most are the back and the anus. The spinal cord relates to Saturn and the sign Capricorn. The KUNDALINI energy rises from the area around the anus and travels upwards through the back to the top CHAKRA on the head. Its a pitta (fiery) nakshatra due to its strong relation with MARS.

For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial measure is worship of the lion-riding goddess DURGA or HARI-HARA, a deity with a half-Vishnu, half Shiva form.

According to Varahamihira,  Moon being placed in DHANISHTA / AVITTAM makes a person "liberal, brave, rich and adept to music and other fine arts.

The 1st paagam of DHANISHTA / AVITTAM relates to the the  ambitious part. It combines the energies of Sun, Mars & Saturn and directs one towards worldly accomplishments, but not so good for marital harmony.

The 2nd paagam of DHANISHTA / AVITTAM relates to the skillful and communicative part of this nakshatra.

The 3rd paagam of DHANISHTA / AVITTAM relates to the the amicable, optimistic, happy, social, musical, & wealthy aspect of this nakshatra, with marital harmony.

The 4th paagam of DHANISHTA / AVITTAM  relates to the excessive martian energy & aggressiveness.  Warriors & sportsperson are known to be born under this paagam.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of DHANISHTA / AVITTAM you belong ?

Every paagam in DHANISHTA / AVITTAM comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference & the significance.

MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITY OF DHANISHTA / AVITTAM : MARILYN MONROE, the famous model, has her Moon in Dhanishta / Avittam (in the 7th House).

Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer


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