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PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI is represented by 2 bright stars known in modern astronomy as Alpha-Pegasi and Beta-Pegasi. They lie on top of the astronomical constellations of Kumbham & Meenam.

PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI translates into – “the one who possesses lucky feet”. “ A Sword” & also“ a single ray of sun” are its other symbols. 

It has an obscure ruling deity with the name of “Aja-Ekapada”, which translates into “the one footed goat”. This mysterious creature is a goat-headed monster with one leg, who form part of the entourage of RUDRA (the fierce form of Shiva). Aja-Ekapada can be seen as the ruling deity of all types of black magic and that is why many individuals deeply influenced by this nakshatra are naturally attracted to black magic. As Rudra, the fierce form of Shiva, it carries the destructive aspect of Shiva, in much the same manner as Ardra/Thiruvaathirai, but more cruel than Ardra/Thiruvaathirai.

Most evolved souls usually use the nakshatra’s energy to mortify themselves instead of others. All the sages like Vishwamitra, who underwent extreme penance, are basically using this nakshatra’s energy.  Even in India, many SADHUS involve themselves in intense practices involving self torture and self mortification. A PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI native is ready to stand on one foot for even ten years , if they are convinced that is will bring them their desired result. wOw!

Surprisingly, this nakshatra belongs the the brahmana class because of its ruler, Jupiter, the most brahmanical amongst planets.

Its body parts include the ribs, abdomen, & the sides of the legs. It also an indicator of the Left thighs & the soles of the feet. It’s a predominantly a VATA (Air) nakshatra too.  Its directions are west and southwest.

For those suffering from the bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial worship is to worship Lord Shiva.

Varahamihira states that “those who have Moon in PURVABHADRAPADA/PURATHAATHI are good at earning money, are stingy and are liable to place their wealth at the disposal of their partners. An act befitting 90% of all ruling elites in the world today.

The 1st paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI name relates to “SE”
The 2nd paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI name relates to “SO”
The 3rd paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI name relates to “THE”
The 4th paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI name relates to “DI”

The 1st paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI is the most aggressive side ;
The 2nd paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI relates to the more indulgent side ;
The 3rd paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI is more communicative ;
The 4th paagam of PURVABHADRAPADA / PURATHAATHI has an extreme diabolical quality.



This nakshatra’s energy can be found expressed well in his music like “Thriller”.  The self mortification of this nakshatra is evident from his continuous facial surgeries & drug abusements. 

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