Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hi Folks. Do you know how Buddha's disciple, Ananda got to know about Meditation? According to "The Teachings of Buddha", it's stated that on one occasion, when Buddha & Ananda were walking miles into the deep forest, Buddha, who has been very thirsty then, asked Ananda to fetch water in his bowl in any one of the nearby streams; the nearest one being many miles away! Running many miles to find the nearest stream, he finally stumbled upon one. And, as he was about to stoop down to fetch the water in the stream, a cart, being pulled by group of horses cut through the stream thus making the water murky. What was clear just moments ago is now murky water!Can Buddha drink such? Of course, NO.

Ananda ran back miles to Buddha and told him what he witnessed and suggested fetching water in the next available stream. To his surprise, Buddha told him firmly "GO BACK TO THE SAME PLACE AND GET ME THAT WATER ONLY, UNDERSTAND?"

Stunned with embarrassment, he ran back to the same stream hurriedly. To his pleasant surprise, the murky water is now less murkier. Remembering the words Buddha firmly told him earlier, he had no choice, but to wait patiently till the remnants of whatever residue subsides. Many hours later, the murkiness in the water disappeared , and now Ananda is seeing clear water, which he delightedly fetched in the bowl to be given to Buddha for drinking.

When there is a problem, do not stir it further, it can make our problems "murkier". Just focus on our nothing....over time we should be able to see "clear water". That's the moral of the!

Wait a minute!

In today's world, we are constrained by TIME, be it, economic, social or even political.Everything we do is dictated by time-frames.If we do not pay on time, our cars or properties would go to the hands of the repossessors. Even love relationships have to happen within a time frame. Misunderstandings has to be settled within a reasonable time too, if not, she would say "sorrylah, it's too the time you can see murkier what your Buddha told you.....enakku 40 vayasu poachi"....hahaha! (No offence meant....just stressing a point).

For example, Can a MESHAM RAASI person, who is known to be highly "IMPULSIVE" be told that over the time you should be able to see "clear water"? Instead, he/she would ask you back "WHEN?" If not, the UNCERTAINTY OF WHEN (TIME)???? THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN can drive the Mesham Rasi person "NUTS". What is needed is "WHEN?" because we are constraint by TIME. A lot of us are having "MATHIBRAMA DOSHAM" & "CHANDRA-MANGALA DOSHAM" in our charts, meaning we can be very stressed to the highest point of DEPRESSION
(I would write about this in my next postings) that can lead to an imbalance of thinking, without knowing the Truth for the Untruths OR Untruths for the Truth! (sound like visu....ah) AND ASTROLOGY IS A STUDY OF TIME to help you clear your UNCERTAINTIES........which would be REVEALED to YOU!

Be guided.

Happy Deepavali.


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