Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?"

"Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?"
Go around any table and ask our fellow brethrens, "Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?" and you'll not be dissapointed at all. "Ithu namba kathai saar, eppudi teriyaathu", then he would tell you his part of the story, "Saar, paarunge saar.........and the story goes on & on. I promise there would not be any shortage of stories from anyone, let it be from a person who is about 20 years old or even 70 years old! Trust me, you'll build instant friends!

The old adage that says "How are you?" and then, you can expect "to start a effective communication" is an old "pallavi". Not personal enough-lah. Very boring. Now, try asking, "Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?" & the definite reply you can expect would be "saar, parunge can be 110% assured the most effective communication & instant friendships.

So, which is most effective for today-net-workers? Of course-lah, "Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?" would at any time (sap.. sap.. sui) overtake the likes of Carnegie's old adages. Don't-lah sampai you turn out to be the nandu pulak when you ask them "Saar, nandu kathai theriyumma?" Ha...ha..

I hope our present market gurujis look into this.....after all, they knew pretty well "Advertising is NO more the "in-thing" nowadays, but effective communication IS"!

The moral of the story? "Ithu namba kathai saar, eppudi teriyaathu?" Our fore-fathers gone through this & we are also sadly going through this "nandu kathai" syndrome. Do we want our children to inherit this "nandu kathai" legacy too?

You be the judge!!!

Jyotisha Ravi
Vedic Astrologer
H/P No. 016-9700 001.


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