Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Do YOU believe in the POWER OF CURSES? Many of us, Indians, are fond of cursing or swearing at people daily. Let me tell you the contagion effect of all these in the following example. 

"Indian contractors are always disappointing-lah,....sub-standard work-lah,,....& all the lah's & lah's. For example, X-race contractors, on the contrary, are very good lah, cekap lah, class lah....& also all the lah's & lah's.......sounds familiar?

Are we aware of the contagion effect of, say, 4 people spreading the above statement snowballing to many hundreds & hundreds of thousands, so much so, it becomes an acceptable social norm, like some gospel truths.

Looking at this, do we realize WHAT dangerous levels can our curses about our own race turn out to be? It gets deeply entrenched in our SUB-CONSCIOUS mind....and guess what? day India-man like YOU & ME would be known as sub-standards, because of the power of the total curses which have snowballed into a reality.  It may "Hit" us me. It may be beyond redemption by then.

On the other hand,  X-Race are prospering well & will continue to prosper....... because of us too.  And, WE have "killed" our own race without realizing the contagion effect of the POWER OF OUR OWN CURSES. 

Learn to bless, NOT to curse!


Jyotisha Ravi
Vedic Astrologer


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