Friday, November 19, 2010



Do you know that Meditation is a very simple thing to do?  You do not need a "rocket-scientist" to teach you the DYNAMICS OF MEDITATION.  Let me share with you what is Meditation all about from a very different perspective yet simple enough to understand by the common man!

As we are aware, our MINDS are always fully loaded with PROBLEMS. That is why we notice that a problematic person would always look-down when he/she is walking, like some sort of GRAVITATIONAL PULLS. The total problems  in his/her MIND are pulling him "DOWNWARDS". From here, we conclude WHEN OUR MINDS ARE ALWAYS FULL OF PROBLEMS, THEY WOULD NATURALLY GRAVITATE. The earth will pull us, so to speak.

Let's name our problematic person as Muthu.  Muthu's Mind is problematic because :- (i) House & Car Installments not paid; (ii) facing problems in his current employment; (iii) girl-friend is on the verge to leave him, & (iv) facing depressions.....pity the poor fellow!

Say, Muthu is motivated to solve his problems.  What needs to be done?  Firstly, Muthu should learn how to LEVITATE (float away) AWAY FROM HIS OWN MIND! It means, now, Muthu doesn't owns his mind anymore resulting Muthu has got NO MIND.  And Muthu is now feeling lighter because he has detached his mind-full of problems by the process known as LEVITATION. You can only levitate (float) when you are detached from your problems.  Now there is Muthu on one side, and Muthu's Mind on the other side via LEVITATION PROCESS. 

Interesting? How can this Levitation process be done?  For one to master this technique, one has to refer to the 114 techniques of Meditation as written in the book "VIGNYANA BAIRAVA TANTRA" or "THE BOOK OF SECRETS" where the conversations of Lord Shiva and his Consort contain all the 114 techniques of Meditation. As I have said earlier, anyone can now master it by reading the book.

Wait a minute!  What happens to Muthu, then?  Instead of focusing to GOD or some Gurujis, Muthu should rather FOCUS NOW BACK ONTO HIS OWN MIND from the outside. The answer is "DO NOT FOCUS ON ANYTHING ELSE, BUT ONTO YOURSELF ONLY" What happens then? Muthu should be seeing "clear waters" like what Ananda, Buddha's disciple did experience by JUST OBSERVING the murky water to turn clear, without doing anything! Therefore, Meditation is all about being SILENT; WITH NO MIND; FOCUSSING ONTO ONESELF; OBLIVIOUS TO THE SURROUNDINGS; and experiencing BLISSFUL MOMENTS with JOY....wOw!

The "clear waters" are indeed providing the solutions to his problems.  You'll be surprised how Muthu is now a transformed person with clear answers to overcome his above (i),(ii),(iii) & (iv) problems with ease. When one can "untangle" the total problem one-by-one, one can see solutions because the "answers" are GLARINGLY in front of him/her with such clarity.  What was seen as a Herculian task earlier, now it has become so easy!  Finally, Muthu succeeded to become THE MASTER OF HIS OWN FATE!  The once depressed Muthu is now full of joy after seeing "clear waters". Yahoo! he found the answers.

Do not confine yourselves to the 3 or 4 techniques of Meditation.  Not everyone is TYPE "A" or "B" or even "C".  What about those who are TYPE "X", for example. Surely, they need more choices rather than the 3 or 4 choices given, right? It's like reading a book on Organizational Behaviours with many type of personalities. There are all-together 114 choices for you to choose to best suit your unique personality.  After that? Now, Everyone can Levitate & Meditate-lah!  OMG! Someone is seen levitating out there.....can you see?


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