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ASHVINI, is also known as the "HORSE-WOMAN" due to it's mythical creature with a horse's head and a woman's body. Therefore it's symbol is a "horse-head".  A horse's head conveys the idea of "A BEGINNING". That's why it is the 1st Nakshatra.

The Ashvini Kumaras, the two celestial horsemen, are regarded as the main presiding DEITIES of this nakshatra.  In vedic legend they are the twin brothers, who were born out of the union of SUN and his wife SANJANA, when they were in the form of a stallion and a mare. (Please refer to my earlier write ups)  These two brothers are seen as the celestial PHYSICIANS in ancient vedic texts.  And this is where the HEALING and REJUVENATING aspect of this nakshatra stems from.

SPONTANEOUS is the word which sums up this nakshatra's nature and functioning.  Quickness like agility and speediness form the core of Ashvini's functioning. Also known for their straightforward and no-nonsense approaches. The phrase "HURRY CAUSES DELAY, and HASTE MAKES WASTE", seem to be aimed directly at Ashvini born persons.

KNEES and top portion of the FEET are the main body parts ruled by this nakshatra. Its association with knees is evident from its association with movement.  Knees are the body parts which provides us our capacity for walking, running and jumping.  Horses can run fast because they have strong knees. The feet again are related to our ability to move.

It is VATA (airy) nakshatra.  Vata carries a very MOVEABLE ENERGY in tune with this nakshatra's basic nature.

The 1st paagam (quarter) of this asterism 0 degrees to 3.20 degrees is ruled by MARS. It indicates courageous & most pioneering.

The 2nd paagam, i.e. 3.20-6.40 degrees is ruled by VENUS. It indicates graceful & resourceful.

The 3rd paagam, i.e.6.40-10 degrees is ruled by MERCURY. It indicates humour & communicative.

The 4th paagam, i.e. 10-13.20 degrees is ruled by MOON. It indicates the healing part of Ashvini.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of Ashvini you belong to? Every paagam comes
with different interpretation. Only detailed astrologers can let you know the difference.

Most Famous personality of Ashvini : BRUCE LEE, was born with Ashvini rising on his Ascendant.


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