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SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM represents a faint group of many stars, and the brightest among them is Gamma-Aquarii or Sadachbia with a visual magnitude of only 3.85.

SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM means "the hundred physicians", "the hundred medicines" or "possessing a hundred healers". This is obviously referring to the hundred of faint stars, with each one of the stars representing one physician/medicine.

Its main symbol is an "EMPTY CIRCLE".  This circle can be seen as a representation of a round of magical charm, the circle of life, the circle of creation, or the circle of the zodiac. As someone said, "you will notice everything done is in a circle, because the power of the world works in circle...the world is round, the wind, in its greatest power circles, birds make their nests in circles, & the life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood". A circle can conceal and hide things just like a jar hiding the liquid/powder inside.  This nakshatra is thus related with secrets and the ability to conceal secrets. Its strongly associated with Saturn & Rahu.
Even though this nakshatra is related to a hundred physicians through its name, its main deity is VARUNA, the lord of the oceans. Varuna can be equated with the planet Neptune, as it is seen in modern astronomy.  Varuna like Neptune is the lord of the cosmic and terrestrial waters.

Varuna is seen as holding a pot. This pot contains SOMA - the preferred drink of the Gods.  I call SOMA as the elixir of life.  Do some homework and find out where do you find that elixir of life's or Soma.You may be surprised by your findings! The magical cures through this divine water is simply magical.

On the highest level, this nakshatra falls under the jurisdiction of SHIVA. Obviously it carries itself Shiva's mystical, contemplative,  and ascetic nature. SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM always tries to gain access to whatever is hidden and in doing so it attains its power.  And it is not always willing to share the hidden secrets and tries to hide them just like how the ocean covers up all the treasures beneath the sea!

In the universal scheme of things, SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM relates to 'BHESHAJA SAKHTI" - the power of HEALING.

The body parts it relates to are the jaws, & the right thigh. And its direction ranges from Southwest to Southeast.  Its an active nakshatra in a movable sign or known also as an electric sign {communications done through electronic devices eg. speakers, singers, phone-calls, etc.). Its SEXUAL ANIMAL (yoni) is a
mare / horse....horse power.  WoW!

For those suffering from bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial measure is worship of LORD SHIVA or by MEDITATIONS. According to Varahamihira,  Moon being placed in SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM, makes one truthful but harsh and cruel in their speech. They are always eager to conquer their enemies but suffer much grief in isolation.

The 1st paagam of  SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM relates to the happy-go-lucky type, optimistic & philanthropic. 

The 2nd paagam of  SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM  relates to the more practical & organizational aspects. Very ambitious too.

The 3rd paagam of  SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM borns are visionary, &  futuristic in their outlooks.

The 4th paagam of  SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM relates to the powers of healing and compassion aspects.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM you belong to?

Names should start with  vowels/alphabets ;- 1) "GO /KO" ; 2) "SA" ; 3) "SI" ; or 4) "SU".
Every paagam in SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAMcomes with different interpretations. Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference & the significance.

MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITY OF SHATABHISHA / SATHAYAM : 'KING' ELVIS PRESLEY - electrifying, media savvy, independence of thoughts & actions,  intoxicative, self-destructive & suffering in silence describes him well.

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