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ANUSHAM / ANURADHA consists of 3 stars known in modern astronomy as BETA-SCORPIONIS, DELTA-SCORPIONIS & PI-SCORPIONIS.  Beta-scorpionis is the brightest among these stars with a visual magnitude of 2.62.

Anusham's main symbol is a "STAFF" (a long stick used as a support, a weapon, or as a symbol of authority). The "staff" has always been seen as a symbol of power and protection.  In the puranas, most of the sages carry a "staff".  In the puranic story of Vishwamitra vs Sage Vashishta, it was noted that all of Vishwamitra's weapons including the Brahmastra (similar to a nuclear missile) were useless against Sage Vashishta's "staff"....wOw!!!

It is interesting to note these sages never used a staff for offensive purposes.  It is only used for self - defense.

A "LOTUS" is another symbol to Anusham.  Since ancient times, the qualities of purity, auspiciousness, knowledge and enlightenment have been associated with the lotus.  In fact, Saraswathi, the goddess of learning, and Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity, are often depicted as sitting atop of a lotus.  A lotus has the ability to grow in muddy waters.  It signifies the attainment of knowledge through the muddiness of one's mental, intellectual & emotion.

MITRA, one the 12 adityas or solar deities that rules Anusham.  Mitra means "friend".  Thus, it comes as no surprise that he is the solar deity to friendship, good faith and cordiality. 

If it weren't for Mitra, the world would be a much more dangerous place to live.  Since Anusham is so concerned with learning and accumulation of knowledge, Saraswathi, the goddess of learning, can be said to be strongly connected to this nakshatra.  Saraswathi always sit on a lotus  (a symbol of Anusham) with Veenai (stringed instrument).

The logic oriented approach of this nakshatra accounts for the fact that many Anusham natives are attracted to material sciences like mathematics and physics.  The ability of Anusham to combine logic, intuition and freedom of thought produces deep thinkers in every field.

Numbers are something which takes Anusham's fancy like no other thing.  A lot of Anusham natives have a strong interest in occult or mundane numerology.  I  personally know many Anusham natives as Numerologists!

Anusham / Anuradha is a service orientated nakshatra by virtue of its relationship to its ruling planet, Saturn.

Anusham /Anuradha is related to Sage Angiras, one of the seven celestial sages looking after the affairs of our galaxy.  The name of this Sage translates into "THE FIERY ONE"

Breasts, Stomach, Bowels & the Womb are the body parts related to this nakshatra.  Its a Male and a "Pittam" nakshatra (fiery nakshatra). Its related primarily to North, South & the West Direction.

For those suffering from the bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial measure is worship of the 12 adityas, especially Mitra. The practice of "Raja-yoga", which involves the rising of the kundalini through the seven sacred centres is the other remedial measure.

The 1st paagam of Anusham / Anuradha emphasizes one's inner self understanding & applying that understanding in the outer world through career/business ;

The 2nd paagam of Anusham / Anuradha refers to continuous learning ;

The 3rd paagam of Anusham / Anuradha refers to a highly sociable nature, ranging from arts, music, bohemian to occult ; &

The 4th paagam of Anusham / Anuradha refers to excessive passion and emotion. 

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of Anusham / Anuradha you belong to?

Are you the "guru-ji"type???

"Continuously-learning" type???

Party-going / happy-go-lucky type???

Or the highly-sensual type???

Every Anusham / Anuradha paagam comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference.
According to Varahamihira, Moon in Anusham / Anuradha makes one "wealthy, a traveler, living in foreign countries, and one needs to satisfy their appetite immediately as they find it difficult to bear their hunger".

MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITIES OF ANUSHAM / ANURADHA :- JIM MORRISON, the singer and the song writer  of the "The Doors" fame.

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