Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Do you know why MOON "waxes" (grows big) and "wanes" (become small) every 15 days in a month? 

Lord MOON was born to Athvi and his wife Anusuya. And he married all the the 27 daughters of Dakshan, who are the 27 Natchathirams in the sky,  from Ashvini to Revati.  But the MOON loved ROHINI more than all his other wifes.  He spends more time with ROHINI.  As usual-lah, all the other wives got jealous and complained to the father, i.e. Mr Dakshan.

Dakshan told Moon to be considerate and try being fair to the other wives too.  MOON refused to listen.  Where got son-in-law listen to the father-in-law, right? 

The angered Dakshan then cursed the MOON , probably saying the ever famous Tamil curse, "Nee Naasamaa poa-veh".  And true enough, MOON started to shrink day by day (wanes) and become diseased too in the lungs. Due to MOON's sickness, all living things also developed lung diseases too at that time.  Terror-lah!

What happened then?  As usual, all the celestial beings (sky, heaven, etc) teamed up and persuaded on MOON's behalf to Dakshan. "Kudumba peratchanai, keep it to yourself-lah" because your (Dakshan) curses are affecting all lives on earth succumbing to this wasting lung disease. We cannot keep quiet if other "makkels" are affected by consumption (lung diseases).

The other wives also teamed up to defend their husband & told their father like this, "kallaa-naalum purushan, pullaa-naalum kanavan".  After all, "neenga father-thaane, avar vanthu our sweet  hubby", ok?

Dakshan, realising he has been outnumbered, promised if MOON behaves and visit ALL his wives and spends quality time equally, MOON would be freed from his lung disease for 15 days only in a month.  It will be the waxing period (SHUKLA PAKSHA) and the remaining period of the other 15 days would be the waning period where he shrinks (KRISHNA PAKSHA) because of the lung disease. That's why we are prone to chest-colds or respiratory problems when the MOON wanes.  Someone there coughing?  Faster go and check the calender if the Moon is waning?..Haha!

So far, MOON is still following Dakshan's order by spending two and a quarter days equally in every sign from Mesham to Meenam, hence as the MOON wanders in his celestial orbit he waxes and wanes every 15 days....what an obedient playboy!

ROHINI rules, ok!

Jyotisha Ravi
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Do you know why RAHU tortures the SUN and the MOON by eclipsing them?

RAHU's father is Demon Viprasitthi (not Enthiran's chiti) and mother is Simmikai (not silk Simitha-ok). One day Lord Vishnu wanted to offer the NECTAR OF IMMORTALITY to all the 7 planetary Gods.  Lord Vishnu took the form of MOHINI and brought out the nectar by churning the Milky Ocean (paal kadhal)...wOw!

While the nectar was being offered to the Angels (the 7 planetary Gods), RAHU disguised himself sitting between the SUN and MOON somehow managed to drink the nectar which were forbidden to Demons like him.

After seeing the deception, the SUN and the MOON complained to Lord Vishnu.  Vishnu immediately took out his chakra or discus and severed RAHU's head cutting it into two, the head at one end and the tail at the other end (Ketu).  But the nectar has already gone down into the throat of RAHU; therefore it became immortal like the other planetary Gods.  From then onwards, it lived on to torture the SUN and the MOON by eclipsing them.  The SUN and the MOON are paying the price for betraying RAHU.  The eclipses are over only when both the SUN or MOON comes out from RAHU's half cut-body, if not it would be total darkness forever. 

Professional Vedic Astrologer
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Friday, November 19, 2010



Do you know that Meditation is a very simple thing to do?  You do not need a "rocket-scientist" to teach you the DYNAMICS OF MEDITATION.  Let me share with you what is Meditation all about from a very different perspective yet simple enough to understand by the common man!

As we are aware, our MINDS are always fully loaded with PROBLEMS. That is why we notice that a problematic person would always look-down when he/she is walking, like some sort of GRAVITATIONAL PULLS. The total problems  in his/her MIND are pulling him "DOWNWARDS". From here, we conclude WHEN OUR MINDS ARE ALWAYS FULL OF PROBLEMS, THEY WOULD NATURALLY GRAVITATE. The earth will pull us, so to speak.

Let's name our problematic person as Muthu.  Muthu's Mind is problematic because :- (i) House & Car Installments not paid; (ii) facing problems in his current employment; (iii) girl-friend is on the verge to leave him, & (iv) facing depressions.....pity the poor fellow!

Say, Muthu is motivated to solve his problems.  What needs to be done?  Firstly, Muthu should learn how to LEVITATE (float away) AWAY FROM HIS OWN MIND! It means, now, Muthu doesn't owns his mind anymore resulting Muthu has got NO MIND.  And Muthu is now feeling lighter because he has detached his mind-full of problems by the process known as LEVITATION. You can only levitate (float) when you are detached from your problems.  Now there is Muthu on one side, and Muthu's Mind on the other side via LEVITATION PROCESS. 

Interesting? How can this Levitation process be done?  For one to master this technique, one has to refer to the 114 techniques of Meditation as written in the book "VIGNYANA BAIRAVA TANTRA" or "THE BOOK OF SECRETS" where the conversations of Lord Shiva and his Consort contain all the 114 techniques of Meditation. As I have said earlier, anyone can now master it by reading the book.

Wait a minute!  What happens to Muthu, then?  Instead of focusing to GOD or some Gurujis, Muthu should rather FOCUS NOW BACK ONTO HIS OWN MIND from the outside. The answer is "DO NOT FOCUS ON ANYTHING ELSE, BUT ONTO YOURSELF ONLY" What happens then? Muthu should be seeing "clear waters" like what Ananda, Buddha's disciple did experience by JUST OBSERVING the murky water to turn clear, without doing anything! Therefore, Meditation is all about being SILENT; WITH NO MIND; FOCUSSING ONTO ONESELF; OBLIVIOUS TO THE SURROUNDINGS; and experiencing BLISSFUL MOMENTS with JOY....wOw!

The "clear waters" are indeed providing the solutions to his problems.  You'll be surprised how Muthu is now a transformed person with clear answers to overcome his above (i),(ii),(iii) & (iv) problems with ease. When one can "untangle" the total problem one-by-one, one can see solutions because the "answers" are GLARINGLY in front of him/her with such clarity.  What was seen as a Herculian task earlier, now it has become so easy!  Finally, Muthu succeeded to become THE MASTER OF HIS OWN FATE!  The once depressed Muthu is now full of joy after seeing "clear waters". Yahoo! he found the answers.

Do not confine yourselves to the 3 or 4 techniques of Meditation.  Not everyone is TYPE "A" or "B" or even "C".  What about those who are TYPE "X", for example. Surely, they need more choices rather than the 3 or 4 choices given, right? It's like reading a book on Organizational Behaviours with many type of personalities. There are all-together 114 choices for you to choose to best suit your unique personality.  After that? Now, Everyone can Levitate & Meditate-lah!  OMG! Someone is seen levitating out there.....can you see?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



How many of us are known to, at the slightest family misunderstandings, throw all our tantrums and anger ONLY at our MOTHERS', as though our mothers' are supposed to be targeted, with all our verbal abuses. If such situations happen once in a while, it's understandable....but, if it happens all the time, then, it has got to do with the presence of Chandra Mangala Dosham in one's astrological chart.

What is Chandra Mangala Dosham? When there is a conjunction of MOON & MARS together within the 30 degrees in one's astrological chart, (Moon represents Mother & Mars mean Aggressions) Chandra Mangala Dosham is formed. First, It makes a person a highly IMPULSIVE. Being impulsive is good at  ertain occasions, but it can be dangerous too most of the time....gamblers would know what is the price to pay when one is highly impulsive. Second, it makes a  person HYPER SENSITIVE...a highly "strung" individual, who will bounce-back like a spring almost instantly whenever being "pressed"....a "tit-for-tat" personality. And finally, it makes a person highly EXPLOSIVE.....vedigundu!!!

Impulsiveness, Sensitive & Explosiveness can be good if it's in Moderation.  But, we are now talking about a subject who is EXCESSIVELY Impulsive, Sensitive & Explosive; a typical Chandra Mangala personality, and at all times letting out their frustrations only at their mothers.

How to overcome this? The answer is in MEDITATION. If not, consult a psychiatrist to treat the excesses, failing which.........you'll know who suffers most from this Chandra Mangala Dosham! 
To all the mothers out there, "Do you know if any of your children have got a Chandra Mangala Dosham in his/her astrological chart?"

Check it out.


Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer
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Hi Folks. Do you know how Buddha's disciple, Ananda got to know about Meditation? According to "The Teachings of Buddha", it's stated that on one occasion, when Buddha & Ananda were walking miles into the deep forest, Buddha, who has been very thirsty then, asked Ananda to fetch water in his bowl in any one of the nearby streams; the nearest one being many miles away! Running many miles to find the nearest stream, he finally stumbled upon one. And, as he was about to stoop down to fetch the water in the stream, a cart, being pulled by group of horses cut through the stream thus making the water murky. What was clear just moments ago is now murky water!Can Buddha drink such? Of course, NO.

Ananda ran back miles to Buddha and told him what he witnessed and suggested fetching water in the next available stream. To his surprise, Buddha told him firmly "GO BACK TO THE SAME PLACE AND GET ME THAT WATER ONLY, UNDERSTAND?"

Stunned with embarrassment, he ran back to the same stream hurriedly. To his pleasant surprise, the murky water is now less murkier. Remembering the words Buddha firmly told him earlier, he had no choice, but to wait patiently till the remnants of whatever residue subsides. Many hours later, the murkiness in the water disappeared , and now Ananda is seeing clear water, which he delightedly fetched in the bowl to be given to Buddha for drinking.

When there is a problem, do not stir it further, it can make our problems "murkier". Just focus on our problem....do nothing....over time we should be able to see "clear water". That's the moral of the story.....dot!

Wait a minute!

In today's world, we are constrained by TIME, be it, economic, social or even political.Everything we do is dictated by time-frames.If we do not pay on time, our cars or properties would go to the hands of the repossessors. Even love relationships have to happen within a time frame. Misunderstandings has to be settled within a reasonable time too, if not, she would say "sorrylah, it's too late...by the time you can see murkier water...as what your Buddha told you.....enakku 40 vayasu thaandirum...market poachi"....hahaha! (No offence meant....just stressing a point).

For example, Can a MESHAM RAASI person, who is known to be highly "IMPULSIVE" be told that over the time you should be able to see "clear water"? Instead, he/she would ask you back "WHEN?" If not, the UNCERTAINTY OF WHEN (TIME)???? THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN can drive the Mesham Rasi person "NUTS". What is needed is "WHEN?" because we are constraint by TIME. A lot of us are having "MATHIBRAMA DOSHAM" & "CHANDRA-MANGALA DOSHAM" in our charts, meaning we can be very stressed to the highest point of DEPRESSION
(I would write about this in my next postings) that can lead to an imbalance of thinking, without knowing the Truth for the Untruths OR Untruths for the Truth! (sound like visu....ah) AND ASTROLOGY IS A STUDY OF TIME to help you clear your UNCERTAINTIES........which would be REVEALED to YOU!

Be guided.

Happy Deepavali.


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"Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?"

"Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?"
Go around any table and ask our fellow brethrens, "Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?" and you'll not be dissapointed at all. "Ithu namba kathai saar, eppudi teriyaathu", then he would tell you his part of the story, "Saar, paarunge saar.........and the story goes on & on. I promise there would not be any shortage of stories from anyone, let it be from a person who is about 20 years old or even 70 years old! Trust me, you'll build instant friends!

The old adage that says "How are you?" and then, you can expect "to start a effective communication" is an old "pallavi". Not personal enough-lah. Very boring. Now, try asking, "Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?" & the definite reply you can expect would be "saar, parunge saar......you can be 110% assured the most effective communication & instant friendships.

So, which is most effective for today-net-workers? Of course-lah, "Saar, Nandu kathai theriyumma?" would at any time (sap.. sap.. sui) overtake the likes of Carnegie's old adages. Don't-lah sampai you turn out to be the nandu pulak when you ask them "Saar, nandu kathai theriyumma?" Ha...ha..

I hope our present market gurujis look into this.....after all, they knew pretty well "Advertising is NO more the "in-thing" nowadays, but effective communication IS".....dot!

The moral of the story? "Ithu namba kathai saar, eppudi teriyaathu?" Our fore-fathers gone through this & we are also sadly going through this "nandu kathai" syndrome. Do we want our children to inherit this "nandu kathai" legacy too?

You be the judge!!!

Jyotisha Ravi
Vedic Astrologer
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Do YOU believe in the POWER OF CURSES? Many of us, Indians, are fond of cursing or swearing at people daily. Let me tell you the contagion effect of all these in the following example. 

"Indian contractors are always disappointing-lah,....sub-standard work-lah,....no-class-lah,....& all the lah's & lah's. For example, X-race contractors, on the contrary, are very good lah,....work cekap lah,.....got class lah....& also all the lah's & lah's.......sounds familiar?

Are we aware of the contagion effect of, say, 4 people spreading the above statement snowballing to many hundreds & hundreds of thousands, so much so, it becomes an acceptable social norm, like some gospel truths.

Looking at this, do we realize WHAT dangerous levels can our curses about our own race turn out to be? It gets deeply entrenched in our SUB-CONSCIOUS mind....and guess what? ....one day India-man like YOU & ME would be known as sub-standards, because of the power of the total curses which have snowballed into a reality.  It may "Hit" us someday...trust me. It may be beyond redemption by then.

On the other hand,  X-Race are prospering well & will continue to prosper....... because of us too.  And, WE have "killed" our own race without realizing the contagion effect of the POWER OF OUR OWN CURSES. 

Learn to bless, NOT to curse!


Jyotisha Ravi
Vedic Astrologer

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



The above can serve its purpose for some or even many. But, it is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Haven't you seen many professionals not happy with the work they are doing. Haven't you heard many times "I should have done some other courses lah....what to do, my parents insisted that I should do this only.....maybe they desired to be one....but cannot do, so, they forced me to do this course....and on my graduation day told me cheekily that we are kononnya the" mirrors" for them".

Some are lucky. Coincidentally their astrology, as per the Natchathirams, Dasha natchathirams & Bukhti natchathirams, shows clearly such. What about the others?

DO NOT LET OUR CHILDREN SUFFER by choosing the wrong professions. There are many "TOWERING INDIAN PERSONALITIES" out there,YET, not doing medical, engineering or even lawyering!

Check it out!!!

Jyotisha Ravi
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Someone recently posted, as if, astrologers are only to be seen at pathways, road-sides, etc. and if they are good, then, why their lives are pathetic. Is that the view of the majority?

Then, what about the astrologers who are guiding the successful ones? Are they also in such deplorable conditions as mentioned? Of course, the answer is NO.

Like any other professions, there are "GRADES" in any profession. Can a freshie doctor be EQUATED with a specialist doctor? And the competent Astrologer's strength/grade is measured by the quality of his/her work, which means PRECISION. It may exceed 80% ACCURACY. I can assure YOU more than 80% ACCURACY.
And the best part, you know what, I PREPARE & HAND-WRITE ABOUT 30 TO 40 PAGES OF YOUR "LIFE STORY" EVEN BEFORE MEETING YOU! AMAZING? Check it out.



As the great RAJNI KANTH sang "VITHEEYE NAMBURAVEN YEMAALI" in the opening song from the block-buster movie "Muthu", many may ponder and ask if there is truth in the message........ partially truth??? fully truth???

Check it out when consulting me!

Are all astrologers useless??

Hi friends,
When I started doing Astrology in the 1990s, I had the impression that only the weak ones need Astrological guidance.

Today, with the many years of doing Astrology, I realised only the SUCCESSFUL ones appreciate quality works.

Yes, there are numerous postings daily by the so-called "wise-people" (yeah right?) heaping a "blanket" scorn on astrologers as charlatans.

I agree, there exist charlatan Astrologers. And I also agree there are quality Astrologers too.


Do you have any of the 5 main Yogas on your astrological charts?


If you have a very strong MARS in your chart, it means you have RUCHAGA YOGA. It makes you a natural commander-like personality with leadership qualities, yet loyal to your employer.

If you have a very strong VENUS in your chart, it means you have MALAVYA YOGA.  It makes you wealthy, and highly creative. Your outlook is predominantly materialistic.

If you have a very strong MERCURY in your chart, it means you have BADRA YOGA. It makes you scholastic, with the gift of the gap & good business acumen.

If you have a very strong JUPITER in your chart, it means you have HAMSA YOGA.  It makes you religiously inclined, & upholder of morality.

If you have a very strong SATURN in your chart, it means you have SASA YOGA. It makes you to have strong survival skills to the extent you can be covetous too.

Do you know persons born in the year 1969 and 1970 have very low survival skills compared to say, 1983 & 1984 born persons?

Check it out!

Are you looking for serious astrological works???

Hi Friends,

I'm Astrologer Jyotisha Ravi residing in Petaling Jaya. If you are looking for "SERIOUS ASTROLOGICAL WORKS" please call me for an appointment.

Gone are the days we hear astrologers of yester-years (there are many still around) whom are known to, cleverly use, jargonic or even ambiguous words to "beat-around-the-bush", so much so that, when one leaves the astrologer, one is
totally confused & lost. Some even more "terror" to say that you'll make/receive RM1 M, RM2.4 M, etc..etc...& etc... in 2 years time or so, and the list goes on and on loaded with the garbages they want us to force down our throat.......Is this real astrology??? Your guess is as good as mine...Commonlah, wake up and get real!

Perhaps, these methods are good for the real downtrodden and the desperates who badly need the "super-heroism" formula to feel upbeat & also to boost their morale!

Serious Astrology, on the other hand, is REALISTIC, and is based on TRUISM, without adding "maane", "thenne" or any other embroidery words! Get PROFESSIONAL, and insist on QUALITY works, that will genuinely SHAPE UP YOUR
LIFE, not "half-past-six works ".

How do I differ from other Astrologers?

I personally hand-write 30 to 40 pages of your life's happening, even before I meet you in person. And that's my unique specialty. Do you know anyone else doing this ?

My work covers the following :-

(1) Your specific Karmas in this life ;

(2) Your specific professions for your Birth Natshatra;

(3) Your specific professions for your Present Maha Dasha;

(4) Your Character Analysis with detailed explanations to know

(5) Your Heath issues in this life;

(6) Your "Report Card" in this life as per "BRAMMA'S WILL"  upon you will be revealed...good or bad with no holds barred ;

(7) Your "stanzas" or texts will be told to you in a well defined intellectual way;

(8) Specific details of month-to-month happenings will be told ;

(9) A critical evaluation of your charts with astrological solutions.

Call me for an appointment at 016-9700 001.

Get Professional Help! Do not suffer in silence with uncertainties!!!!
Total professional fee is RM150 net.

Thank You.

Your Malaysian Vedic Astrologer.
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