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VISHAKAM consists of four stars known in modern astronomy as ALPHA-LIBRAE, BETA-LIBRAE, GAMMA-LIBRAE & IOTA-LIBRAE.  Among these, ALPHA-LIBRAE & BETA-LIBRAE are the brightest, with visual magnitudes of 2.75 and 2.61 respectively.

Ancient Vedic seers saw these stars as forming the shape of a forked branch and associated them with the abode of the gods under the rulership of INDRAN.

Its main symbol is a "DECORATED ARCH" or "GATEWAY".  In depictions, this gateway is usually decorated with leaves.  Such gateways are still a norm in marriage ceremonies in Indian weddings.  Consequently, one can infer that Vishakam has a lot to do with marriage.

Vishakam, true with its forked quality, has two main ruling deities:- INDRAN & AGNI (fire god).

In the puranas, INDRAN, the chief among the demi-gods, is often portrayed as a very goal oriented, fixated and offensive character, who would go to any lengths to achieve his desired ends.  The funny thing is that many times his desired ends are completely ungodly and he gets into all sorts of trouble.  This is a primary theme of Vishakam - pursuing unwholesome goals in questionable ways and creating bad karma as a result.  Indran is also seen as a character who drowns himself in women, wine & other enjoyments. This indulgent side of Indran also finds expression through Vishakam.
AGNI, the fire god, basically represents energy in one of its many forms. It is because of Agni that Vishakam has the capacity to exert herculean efforts to attain its goal.  Just like fire, when harnessed properly, can be used in many constructive ways, Vishakam's strong energy can manifest as courage, determination and the capacity for hardwork directed towards wholesome pursuits. Fire in its negative aspect can run amok and burn indiscriminately.  In the same way, Vishakam can cause harm to others around it before finally getting consumed itself.  Terms like "burning grief", "burning desire" and "burning passion" are all tailor-made for Vishakam's expression.

The nature of this nakshatra can be summed in one word - "FIXATION". It is an active nakshatra because of its obssessive approach to things.

It is a female nakshatra.  This classification seems to have its roots in its alternate name "RADHA".  Radha is the childhood consort of KRISHNA who spent the rest of her life pining for him.  It is the longing for the unattainable, which characterizes a Vishakam mindset.

The Arms and the Breasts are the body parts related to this nakshatra.  It is related primarily to West & North Directions.

The best REMEDIAL measure is worship of the 8 VAASUs.  Alternatively one can worship the half-Vishnu, half-Siva form commonly known as HARI-HARA.  The practice of RAJA YOGA, which involves the raising of the KUNDALINI through the seven sacred centres, is one of the best ways to utilize this nakshatra's potential. 

In the universal scheme of things, Vishakam relates to "VYAPANA SAKTI" - the power to make, manifest and achieve various things.

Vishakam is related to SAGE VASHISHTA, one of the seven celestial sages looking after the affairs of our galaxy.  The name of this sage translates in the "possessor of wealth".

As Varahamihira says, "Those with Moon in Vishakam are skilled at making money".

The 1st paagam of Vishakam is all about energy, impulse, one-pointedness and social ambitions (the dominant paagam);
The 2nd paagam of Vishakam indicates success in material pursuits (wealth paagam);

The 3rd paagam of Vishakam indicates its one-pointedness through thoughts, communications, philosophical & religious attitudes ; &

The 4th paagam of Vishakam indicates emotional, volatile, revengeful paagam.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of VISHAM you belong to?
Are you the Dominant type???

"No-Money-No-Honey" type???


Or the Emotionally Dangerous type???

Every paagam comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference.
According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Vishakam are "jealous, greedy, clever with words, skilled at making money, quarrelsome and incite quarrels among others".

MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITIES OF VISHAKAM :- NICOLE KIDMAN, is a typical example of Vishakam known for her obssessiveness and secretive personality.

Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer