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UTHIRAM consists of two very contrasting stars, known in modern astronomy as BETA-LEONIS AND 93-LEONIS.  Beta-Leonis is among the brightest stars in the night sky with a visual magnitude of 2.13 whereas 93-Leonis is a relatively faint star with a visual magnitude of 4.53.

The main symbol of this nakshatra is "THE TWO BACK LEGS OF A BED". In fact, Pooram (also bed, but front legs) & Uthiram form a pair. The difference is that, Uthiram is related to the back legs and not the front legs of a bed, as it is for Pooram. 

ARYAMAN, one of the 12 Adityas (SOLAR DEITIES), is the main ruling deity of Uthiram. Aryaman is seen as a deity presiding over patronage, favours and kindness. Therefore the key motivation of this nakshatra is towards helping or receiving help from others. As such, Uthiram borns are very cultured, social and civilized.  They are also very concerned about etiquettes and social graces.

Aryaman is also seen as deity who places strong emphasis on friendship. In Vedic rituals, he is always involved in a pair, either with BHAGA (the ruling deity of Pooram), or with MITRA (the presiding deity of ANUSHAM).

Uthiram, like Sun, is STRAIGHT-FORWARD, and UNHESITATING in its dealings.  Uthiram is ready to serve but only from a POSITION OF SUPERIORITY.

Uthiram is considered a balanced nakshatra. Its balancing quality is pretty evident from the nature of its ruling deity Aryaman.  One needs to have a balanced personality to have social graces, kindness, compassion and friendliness towards other living beings. In a way it mirrors THULAM (fairness) when it comes to all that is encompassed by the term "balance".

Uthiram falls in the Kshatriya (ruling/warrior) class of nakshatras because its qualities are derived from the association with the Kshatriya planet Sun. 

Its a Female nakshatra.  This a perplexing classification considering that both its ruling planet and ruling deity are male. Maybe of the female attributes that it have, such as GRACE, KINDNESS, BENEVOLENCE, CONCIDERATION & RECEPTIVITY resulted it to be classified a female nakshatra.

LIPS, SEX ORGANS & THE LEFT HAND are the body parts related to this nakshatra.  It is primarily "VATA" (airy nakshatra).

The two DIRECTIONS it relate to most strongly are the EAST & SOUTH.

According to Varahamihira, those with Moon in Uthiram "earn through their knowledge, and are well liked and popular and live a life of comfort and luxury".

The 1st paagam of Uthiram indicates strongly ethics along with an advisory capacity;

The 2nd paagam of Uthiram indicates good organizational ability, practical & hard-working;

The 3rd paagam of Uthiram relates to the philanthropic side in a Robin Hood fashion; and

The 4th paagam of Uthiram indicates the intellectual as well as the spiritual side.

For those suffering from the bad effects resulting from afflictions to this nakshatra, the best remedial measure is worship of the SUN.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of UTHIRAM you belong to?  Every paagam comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference.
MOST FAMOUS PERSONALITIES OF UTHIRAM :- GEORGE WASHINGTON, one of the founding fathers of the U.S.A. It is interesting to note that he fashioned the capital city of Washington bearing his name.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


POORAM, is represented by 2 bright stars in the back of the constellation of Simmam.  Vedic Seers saw these 2 stars as representing the "BACK LEGS OF A COT". These stars are known in modern astronomy as DELTA-LEONIS (ZOSMA) & THETA-LEONIS (CHERTAN).  With a visual magnitude of 2.56, Zosma is the brighter one.

Its main symbol is the legs of a couch or bed. Some astrologers also use a SWINGING HAMMOCK as one of Pooram's symbols.

Pooram relates to a time where we look for rest, relaxation and amusement after fulfilling our wordly duties and responsibilities.  The symbol of the legs of a bed relates to the beginning part of the relaxation process. A lot of scientists and researchers have found that the solution to a problem usually comes to them, not when they are actually working at the problem.  The solutions come in the period when we have taken our mind-off it and are in a state of complete relaxation. 

BHAGA, one of the 12 Adityas (solar deities) is the main ruling deity of this nakshatra.  Bhaga's name translates roughly into "DELIGHT", "PLEASURE" and "INDULGENCE".  That's why it is related to the planet Venus.

Bhaga's strong relationship with enjoyment makes this as one of the most carefree nakshatras.  Pooram natives don't like to worry as they are comfortable, especially from a physical point of view. 

Pooram is directly connected to Shiva-Lingam, the most commonly worshipped form of Shiva. 

Pooram is considered to be a balanced nakshatra.  Pooram balances creativity with relaxation, work with pleasure, aggression with gentleness.

Pooram relays the brahminical side of the planet Venus.  SHUKRA CHARYA, the presiding deity of Venus, is the preceptor of the demons and has the unique distinction of knowing SANJIVINIVIDYA (knowledge of bringing the dead back to life), which even BRIHASPATI, the preceptor of the gods, does not possess. 

It is a Female nakshatra. Beauty, vanity, love of ease, comfort and luxury are all primarily female concerns.  

THE SEX ORGANS, THE LIPS & THE RIGHT HAND are the body parts related to this nakshatra. It is a "PITTA" (fiery) nakshatra.

According to Varahamihira, Pooram borns "have sweet speech, pleasing manners, habit of wandering & often serve the government in one way or another.
The 1st paagam of Pooram indicates ego, dignity & regality;

The 2nd paagam of Pooram indicates the most sober and hardworking paagam;

The 3rd paagam of Pooram indicates the liking for travels, harmony, relaxation, refinement, counselling, creation & appreciation of beauty; &

The 4th paagam of Pooram indicates the emphasis on intensified emotions, home and family life.

DO YOU KNOW which paagam of POORAM you belong to?  Every paagam comes with different interpretations.  Only DETAILED ASTROLOGERS can let you know the difference.

Jyotisha Ravi
Professional Vedic Astrologer